Small Vertical Baler for Waste Recycling

vertical baler machine

In waste management, the small vertical baler has emerged as a game-changer, offering compact and efficient solutions for businesses dealing with various materials.

This article delves into the key features of a specific model, the SL40QT, and explores the benefits of embracing this technology.

Whether you are a recycling facility, manufacturing plant, or any business generating waste, the small vertical compactor proves to be a valuable asset.

small vertical baler for sale
small vertical baler for sale

Introducing the SL40QT Model

The SL40QT is a powerful small vertical compactor designed to streamline the packaging process while maximizing efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at its specifications to understand how it stands out in the market.

Hydraulic Power and Packaging Size

With a hydraulic power ton of 40, the SL40QT ensures robust compression capabilities. Its packaging size ranges from 720x720x300mm to 1600mm, providing flexibility in accommodating various materials and quantities.

Convenient Feed Opening

Featuring a spacious feed opening of 1000x720mm, this small vertical baler facilitates easy loading of materials, contributing to a seamless and uninterrupted operation.

Optimal Bale Density

Achieving a bale density of 300 Kg/m3, the SL40QT ensures that the compacted bales are tightly packed, optimizing storage space and transportation efficiency.

widely application of the baler machie
widely application of the baler machine

Efficiency in Action: Bale Line and Capacity

The small vertical baler excels not only in its design but also in its operational capabilities. The SL40QT boasts a 4-bale line system, enhancing the overall efficiency of the baling process. With a capacity ranging from 1 to 3 tons per hour, businesses can experience a significant increase in their waste management productivity.

Powerful Motor Power

Equipped with a motor power of 18-22KW or 24-30HP, the SL40QT balances power and energy efficiency. This ensures that the small vertical baler delivers a high-performance output while keeping operational costs in check.

Sturdy Build: Machine Weight

Weighing approximately 8 tons, the SL40QT exhibits a robust and durable construction. This sturdy build enhances the machine’s longevity and contributes to its stability during operation, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance.

large and samll verticle baling press
large and small verticle baling press

Discovering Shuliy Baler Machinery: Your Small Vertical Baler Expert

In the realm of small vertical balers, one name stands out prominently – Shuliy Baler Machinery. As a professional baler manufacturer based in China, Shuliy Baler Machinery has garnered a reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable waste management solutions.

Businesses in search of an efficient small vertical compactor need to look no further; contacting Shuliy Baler Machinery opens the door to cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise.

vertical baling press machine shipping picture
vertical baling press machine shipping picture

Contact Us for Your Baling Needs

If you are on the lookout for a high-performing and reliable small vertical baler, Shuliy Baler Machinery is your go-to partner. Our SL40QT model, with its impressive specifications and efficient design, is ready to tackle your waste management challenges. Contact us today to explore how our small vertical baler can revolutionize your operations.

The small vertical baler, exemplified by the SL40QT model, stands as a testament to innovation in waste management. Its advanced features, coupled with the expertise of manufacturers like Shuliy Baler Machinery, offer businesses a sustainable and efficient solution for handling their waste.