Shuliy Tyre Baler for Sale in the UK

vertical baling press machine shipping picture

In July 2023, a forward-thinking client from the UK made a significant investment by purchasing a brand-new tyre baler from our company. This decision was motivated by their deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability and the dire need for an efficient tire recycling solution.

tyre baler for sale
tyre baler for sale

Understanding the Client

Our customer stands at the helm of an environmentally conscious organization dedicated to tire recycling. Their pursuit of effective waste tire management solutions was driven by a concern for the environment and a desire to contribute positively to reducing the impact of discarded tires on our planet.

Reasons for Choosing Our Tyre Baler

After extensive research and consultations with our team, the client opted for our SL-60T model tyre baler. The machine’s specifications perfectly aligned with their requirements. With a power of 15 kW, packaging dimensions of 1150x750x1000mm, a pressure capacity of 1100mm, overall dimensions measuring 1700x1000x3200mm, a 160 oil cylinder, and a baling speed ranging from 6 to 10 packages per minute, this machine stood out as the ideal solution for their tire recycling needs.

hydraulic cylinder
hydraulic cylinder

Upon receiving our equipment, the client expressed immense satisfaction with its performance. The efficiency demonstrated by the SL-60T surpassed their expectations, affirming that our machine was precisely what they had been seeking. Its ability to swiftly and effectively compress tires into compact bales not only streamlined its recycling process but also contributed significantly to its sustainability objectives.

For businesses in the UK committed to tire recycling and environmental preservation, our tyre baling press machine offers an unparalleled solution. Its robust features, including high power, efficient packaging, and rapid baling speed, epitomize our commitment to providing cutting-edge machinery for tire recycling needs.

If you are looking for an efficient tire baler, please feel free to contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of recycling equipment. We will recommend the right machine for you according to your needs.