How to Use a Horizontal Metal Briquette Maker?

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In the modern industrial landscape, the need for effective waste management and recycling practices has become paramount. One innovative solution to this challenge is the utilization of a Horizontal Metal Briquette Maker. This article explores the operational principles behind this machinery, focusing on its hydraulic system that compresses metal scraps into tightly compacted blocks.

different types of metal briquettes
different types of metal briquettes

The Use of Horizontal Metal Briquette Maker

Preparing metal chip

Before using the Horizontal Metal Chip Briquetting Machine, you should first prepare the metal chips to be compressed. These metal chips can be the waste materials produced in the process of metal processing, scrap metal products, and so on.

Turn on the machine

Turn on the operation panel or control system of the horizontal scrap metal briquetting machine to make sure the machine is in normal working condition.

Load metal chips

Open the feeding port of the machine and load the prepared metal chips into the briquetting chamber. Make sure not to exceed the loading capacity of the machine, so as not to affect the briquetting effect and the life of the machine.

Adjust pressure

Adjust the pressure setting of the hydraulic system according to the nature of the metal chips and compression requirements. Usually, harder chips require more pressure to achieve good compression.

Start compression

Close the inlet and start the machine’s compression program. The hydraulic system will begin to apply pressure, gradually compressing the chips into a solid briquette.

Wait for Compression to Complete

While the machine is running, wait patiently for the compression to complete. The length of time will depend on the type of chip, pressure setting and machine performance.

Remove Briquette

When compression is complete, open the machine’s discharge port. Carefully remove the compressed metal block. Take care to use proper tools and protective equipment to ensure safety.

horizontal metal briquette maker
horizontal metal briquette maker

Working Principle of Horizontal Scrap Metal Briquetting Machine

The working principle of a Horizontal Metal Briquette Maker centers around its hydraulic system. This process involves transforming loose metal scraps into solid, dense blocks through a series of precise mechanical actions. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Loading the Metal Scraps: The first step is to load the metal fragments into the chamber of the scrap metal briquetting machine. This chamber is designed to accommodate the raw material and facilitate the subsequent compression process.
  • Application of Hydraulic Pressure: Once the chamber is loaded, the hydraulic cylinder is engaged. This cylinder exerts substantial pressure on the metal scraps, initiating the compression process. The hydraulic system’s force is finely tuned to ensure that the metal is compacted effectively.
  • Formation of Compact Blocks: As the hydraulic pressure increases, the metal scraps are squeezed and molded into uniform blocks. These blocks acquire a regular shape, making them easy to stack, store, and transport.
  • High-Density Output: The end result of the compression process is a collection of high-density metal blocks. These blocks possess a significantly reduced volume compared to the initial loose scraps, optimizing storage space and simplifying logistics.

Advantages of Using a Horizontal Metal Briquette Maker

Using a Horizontal Metal Briquette Maker offers a range of advantages for industries dealing with metal waste:

  • Efficient Storage and Transportation: The tightly compacted blocks are easier to store and transport, reducing the need for excessive space and logistics.
  • Enhanced Recycling: The compressed metal blocks are more amenable to recycling processes, ensuring that valuable metal resources are not lost.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By effectively managing metal waste, companies contribute to reduced environmental pollution and energy consumption.
metal waste briquetting
metal waste briquetting

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