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aluminum can shredder

An aluminum can shredder machine is a machine specifically designed to shred aluminum cans into smaller pieces. It is often used in recycling facilities or waste management centers to process and recycle aluminum cans. Generally speaking, aluminum can processing plants use single-shaft shredders to shred aluminum cans. In this article, we also introduce the single-shaft aluminum can shredder machine in detail.

The shredder for aluminum cans works by using rotating blades or hammers to cut or tear the aluminum cans into smaller fragments. The shredded aluminum cans can then be further processed for recycling purposes, such as melting them down to create new aluminum products.

aluminum can shredder machine
aluminum can shredder machine

How to shred aluminum cans with an aluminum can shredder machine?

  1. Prepare the aluminum cans: Remove any lids or caps from the aluminum cans and empty them of any liquid or residue. Rinse the cans if necessary to ensure they are clean.
  2. Feed the aluminum cans into the shredder: Open the input or feeding area of the aluminum can shredder machine. Depending on the specific design of the machine, you may need to feed the cans one at a time or in small batches. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper feeding.
  3. Operate the shredder: Turn on the shredder according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The machine will begin to shred the aluminum cans as they pass through the rotating blades or hammers.
  4. Monitor the process: Keep an eye on the shredding process to ensure smooth operation. If any jams or issues occur, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to address them safely.
  5. Collect the shredded aluminum: The shredded aluminum will be discharged from the shredder either directly into a collection bin or through a conveyor system. Ensure there is a suitable receptacle to collect the shredded material.
aluminum can in the shredder
aluminum can in the shredder

It is worth noting that if the size of the material after shearing is smaller than the aperture of the screen, the material will be discharged from the mesh. On the contrary, the material will be cut twice or multiple times in the shearing chamber until it reaches the size of the material to be discharged.

Technical parameters of single shaft aluminum can shredder

Power (kw)22375555×2
Pushing power (kw)

Besides the above mentioned machines, we also have models 800, 1200 and 1600 for sale. If you want to know the specific parameter details, please feel free to contact us.

By the way, in addition to shredders, there are also aluminum can balers for aluminum can processing equipment. We also have aluminum can balers for sale.

shredder for aluminum cans
shredder for aluminum cans

Application range of single shaft aluminum can shredder machine

This shredder can not only be used to process aluminum cans, but it can also be used to process other materials.

  • Plastic products: PET bottles, pipes, films, plastic barrels, plastic plates, etc.
  • Wood: wooden pallets, logs, roots and wooden packaging products, etc.
  • Rigid plastic: ABS plastic, PC plastic, PPS plastic, rubber head material, fiber, etc.
  • Industrial waste: circuit boards, medical waste, wires, cables, household waste, etc.
  • Other garbage: textiles, fiberglass products, rubber, etc.

The advantages of a single shaft aluminum can shredder

  1. High efficiency: Single shaft aluminum can shredder machine can efficiently process large quantities of aluminum cans. They typically have high processing capacity and speed, enabling quick shredding of aluminum cans and increasing productivity.
  2. Volume reduction: By shredding aluminum cans into smaller pieces or fibers, single shaft shredders significantly reduce the volume of the cans. This helps save storage space and transportation costs.
  3. Resource recycling: Shredded aluminum cans can be recycled. Feeding discarded aluminum cans into a single shaft shredder for processing, it provides a source of raw material for the production of recycled aluminum, promoting resource recycling.
  4. Versatility: Single shaft aluminum can shredders are often suitable for processing various materials, not limited to aluminum cans alone. They can handle plastics, paper, wood, rubber, and other materials, providing versatile applications.
  5. Energy efficiency: Compared to other forms of material processing, single shaft aluminum can shredders typically consume less energy. This helps reduce energy costs and minimizes environmental impact.
  6. Reliability and durability: Single shaft aluminum can shredder machine is usually made from robust and durable materials and employ reliable engineering designs. They can maintain stability and reliability during prolonged operations.
shredded cans
shredded cans

Small aluminum can shredder machine for sale

The power of the small aluminum can shredder machine is 22 kilowatts, and the pushing power is 1.5 kilowatts. Although this machine is small, the materials it can handle are also very comprehensive. The materials mentioned above can also be handled by this small aluminum can shredder. If you want to know specific details about this small shredder, please feel free to contact us.

small aluminum can shredder
small aluminum can shredder

Why do we need to shred aluminum cans?

  • Volume reduction: Aluminum cans, especially when collected in large quantities, can occupy a significant amount of space. Shredding them reduces their size, allowing for more efficient storage, transportation, and handling. This is particularly beneficial in recycling facilities and waste management centers where space optimization is crucial.
  • Recycling facilitation: Shredding aluminum cans helps facilitate the recycling process. By shredding the cans into smaller pieces, they become easier to sort, separate, and process during recycling operations. The shredded aluminum can be further processed into aluminum ingots or used as raw material for manufacturing new aluminum products.
  • Waste management: Shredding aluminum cans is part of effective waste management practices. Instead of ending up in landfills or littering the environment, shredded aluminum cans can be properly recycled. This helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and contributes to a more sustainable waste management system.
  • Economic benefits: Shredding and recycling aluminum cans contribute to economic benefits. The recycling industry generates employment opportunities, saves on production costs by using recycled materials, and reduces dependence on virgin aluminum production. It also helps create a circular economy where materials are recycled and reused, promoting a more sustainable and efficient economic model.
various cans
various cans

The difference between a double shaft shredder and a single shaft shredder

When choosing an aluminum can shredder machine, many customers will encounter two types of double-shaft aluminum can shredder and single-shaft aluminum can shredder machine. Let’s briefly introduce the difference between the two

  • Structure and working principle: The double shaft shredder consists of two parallel rotating shafts with blades or gears that shred the material. The single shaft shredder, on the other hand, has only one rotating shaft with blades or gears. Double shaft shredders are typically capable of handling larger and tougher materials.
  • Shredding effectiveness: Double shaft shredders achieve a more thorough shredding of materials as the materials are repeatedly cut and torn between the two shafts. This makes double shaft shredders suitable for processing more complex and harder materials such as metals and plastics. While single shaft shredders can also effectively shred materials, the shredding effectiveness may not be as comprehensive as that of double shaft shredders.
  • Application range: Double shaft shredders are typically used for processing larger and tougher materials such as scrap car parts and metal drums. They are commonly employed in waste management, metal recycling, and industrial applications. Single shaft shredders are versatile and can handle various materials including plastics, paper, wood, rubber, and some lightweight metals.